The Yellow Lane

The government has a new traffic improvement scheme and that is a dedicated lane for public  ehicles and private ones. It is for EDSA only though😒. Well, I have been really struggling in commuting and it adds to my everyday stress. I shall include the traffic situation here in our country in my prayers.

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Nationwide Strike Today

There is an on- going natuonwide transport strike today here in the Philippines. No classes for students in all levels. No work at government offuces as well. For private companies—the show must go on.

WeWell, what is good about today? Less traffic! Two hours travel time only grom San Mateo Rizal to Makati! One of my co- workers has this idea that indeed work grom home would really hel ease the traffic situation.


Si, why is there a strike? There is a plan to phase iut jeepneys 15 years old and older.

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UBER and GRAB Fares are not realistic

UBER and GRAB Fares are not realistic at all!

I am a commuter and yes, I am a victim of the Metro traffic.

Yes, I must wake up early and leave home early not to catch the traffic and save on my daily fare.

UBER and GRAB posed a promise to address transportation need. They brag of good service, better cars and more polite drivers. I could not agree more. The only downside of these transpo services is the FARE!!! Surges!!! Yesterday, it was only around 7AM and I was in Marikina City.  I need to go to Makati, where I work. It says in the APP that Marikina and Makati means 12KM of travel. The fare??? P599 for UBER and P785 for GRAB. We tried booking GRAB but no driver accepted our booking. Why, oh, why? Are they like taxis already choosing passengers? No, I will not accept your booking because it is traffic going to Makati… what kind of service is that? We did not try UBER because it is very expensive already. UV Fare is only P55 but we need to wait for the UV to arrive–still stuck in traffic.

How did we reach the office yesterday? My companion hailed a cab–the traditional cab and contracted the ride for P600 bucks! If I were alone, that will really cause a chunk in my wallet. We were four so our fare was just sort of tripled from P55–it became P150.


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New floors

It is Saturday and I am looking for epoxy flooring contractors . Well, yes, we are the Do it Yourselfers but there are things that you must entrust to the professionals, right? In anything, I think that making the experts do what they do best is still the better thing to do, you agree? I had too many experiences to mention that I tried doing our tile flooring or even kitchen tiles or even the bedroom tiles, whenever there are chipped ones, but  you know, those are temporary fixes. At one point, those will fall apart again. So, this time, since I have the budget and I know that I will live in this house of mine for a longer period of time, I am really going to hire a contractor. I just need to make sure that I get the trusted one.

Why epoxy flooring? Well, I want my floors to be easy to clean and with shiny finish. Our flooring in our living room is made of concrete materials and I spent tons for it. I must protect that investment with a layer of epoxy flooring. I also have it in my garage thus, my garage really looks squeaky clean! I love it. You know, epoxy flooring can be compared to our powder finish when we apply make up. The powder finish protects all the layers of make up that we apply and will make our look last longer. It also controls the oil thus we look better in a longer period of time without the need of retouch. Yes, with epoxy flooring, we can do away with repair costs so that will really mean bigger savings and less stress for us home makers.

I am really glad for this new thing that I have learned. I will definitely recommend this to my friends who are still to build their own homes.


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P2PBus is my new choice

P2PBus is my new choice–yes in terms of commuting, P2PBus is a great choice.

Last Wednesday, I tried the Ayala-Robinson’s Galleria route and it only took less than an hour. We arrived before 9PM. We took the 8:15 PM schedule.

From Galleria, I took the UVService going to Marikina. The ride was only 45 minutes and I was in Concepcion, Marikina already.

From Marikina, I took another UV going to San Mateo. It was another 20-30 minutes ride.

I finally got home before 10:30 PM. That was only less than 2.5 hours of travel. I saved more than an hour.

There might be more hops but it is even good for the health because prolong sitting might cause body aches and even the dreaded hemorrhoids.

Tomorrow, I will try that route again. Let us see.

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Traffic is bad for the health

I have not been writing about traffic the past two months, have I given up?
Today is the second week and maybe the nth time that I had experienced more than four hours of travel from office to work.
I almost cried a while ago and had thoughts of just stopping the van and I would just walk home.
Thirsty, hungry, tired, a very bad combination that would really translate to bad health.
What to do!
Tomorrow, I will try the P2P that traverse EDSA.

I will certainly include this situation in my daily prayers.

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Club assignment

It is school time once again! I took a vacation leave today, the first day of classes. Well, I want to have first hand information on my son’s schedule. True enough, he has lots of things to do already. Well, the usual assignments that made me go to celestion speakers at It is an assignment for their club. Imagine that, first day of school and a club assignment. Anyways, all for my only son.

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Three crying faces

No hope for traffic in Metro Manila as of now! Well, one of my friends posted three crying faces in Facebook. Everyone reacted and asked her how she is and you know what? She was crying about the traffic in Metro Manila. What will happen if there is an emergency, like when you need to go to the better hospitals? You need to have a house near the best facilities?

Today, I am happy because I do not need to experience the horrible traffic situation in Metro Manila. It is a Holiday here in our country because of the ASEAN Summit.

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Four days of bliss

Well, attention, all my friends who love to sing, here is shure wireless microphone, check it out at!
This is very timing for the very long weekend! Today is a non-working day for office girls and boys. Monday is also a Holiday! That will be four days of bliss! I plan to sleep all day, watch TV, movie marathon, some eating and of course, singing will always be in the list of the things that I want to do. I am still deciding if the party will be here at our own home or maybe we will just join other home’s parties. I think the latter will be most clever. 😉

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And I tried the MRT Again but Never Again

And I tried the MRT again!

Well, as I am already in an early shift, I have ample time in the afternoon to early evening.

I opt to go home early, of course. That is why, I go straight to the shuttle station to catch the first trip or if not, the second one so that I will be home by 8PM, as I expect…but it is not the case, of course , because of the traffic in the Metro!  I realized that a two hour commute is something to be thankful for during the rush hour. Anyways, for the first three days, I experienced more than two hours of uncomfortable van ride.  So, I decided to try the MRT on the fourth day.

So, there was the usual long lines. I was able to ride the first train that passed because most people were in groups thus they cannot squeezed their selves in the already cramped coach. There was a space for only one person so I was able to get through. At first, the ride was okay but the hardship came in every stop when passengers were about to alight and enter. I did not have to move from my place to be able to be in another place in the coach as all the people were already pushing one another and yes, I was pushed forward, sideward, backward and in all directions during the more than five stops I think before I reached my station. Yes, I was also pushed out of the coach as many passengers were also to alight at the same station–considering that it is the second to the last station, still there were so many passengers left.

The only good thing about this was I was able to reach home by 730PM.

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