Mom and Child Talk: every single cell

Do you sing a lullaby to your younger kids? I only have one and I used to sing him to sleep when he was still a baby up to the time that he could already protest and beg for me to stop. Lol! Honestly, I have to ask my son now if I could sing a song to him during bed time. Sometimes he would agree but on the condition that I would only sing one song. Most often, he would just say that he would just like some peace. He would say, ” Mommy, I want to sleep now.” What is wrong with my singing, huh? I do not take offense though. I like his honesty. He would still mange to be adorable even if he stops me from singing.

Last night, I asked him again if I could sing him a song. He said that he would just be the one to sing. I was surprised! He learned a new song in school. It went like this:

Every single cell, my body is happy.
Every single cell, my body is well
I praise you Lord, my body is happy
I thank you, Lord, my body is well
Every single cell, my body is happy.
Every single cell, my body is well

Nice lyrics, right? I did not have time to look for it in one of his books. To whoever the composer of this song or rhyme, thank you.

I pray that my son would always be healthy and his every single cell be well.

Ironically, he is sick again with coughs and colds. He was very hot also around 6AM that I woke up feeling an extra hot body beside me. Good thing I am on rest day today.

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