Doctor, doctor I am sick

My friend has signs of becoming a hypochondriac. She is obsessed to know How to Cure diseases and what are the causes. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? With the popular virus going around these days in the name of H1N1, I observed that many people are becoming aware or conscious about their health. Count me in! I got wet in the rain yesterday because I did not bring my umbrella when we went for lunch. I thought it would not rain because it was real sunny. But it rained. I could feel the cold in my back that I had to remove my blouse. I used my friend’s shawl and put on my blazer. After an hour or two, I started sneezing and felt a slight headache. Oh, no! I do not want to catch a flu. I went to the clinic and asked the nurse if she could give me something to prevent any kind of sickness to happen. She said that I just have to drink lots of water and start taking vitamins.

If symptoms would persist, I would really go to the doctor. It pays to know. Dr Daniel Amen is the founder of the Amen Clinics and someone knowledgeable on how to cure diseases. Get to know more about Daniel Amen’s profile here.

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