Strike again!

Two days ago, I came to the office, wet! Well, it was raining hard. To add, there was a strike of the jeep sector. They were demanding for low oil price as there had been price hike lately. I thought that I would not be able to catch a jeep that was why I was in a hurry to ride the very first one that I saw.  I took the seat beside the driver.

I was able to get some shots of the strike. Well, it was obvious that somehow, the jeepney drivers or not all of them decided to just continue to drive and give service to the commuters. There were only few participants.

During my interview for the job I have right now, I was asked what do I think about strikes. I was asked if I would participate in one. I said that I have nothing against strike since it is the right of anyone to stand by his own principle. As of me, I am just here to work.

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