For decoration and entertainment

Almost everyone in the family is musically inclined. Should I say that almost everybody in this world is? I think so. Music has always been a part of our lives.There are different kinds of tunes though. There are happy and jolly songs. There are sad songs. There are Holy songs. There are loud ones. There are soothing ones. There are good lyrics. Others are just to express yourselves.

When you say music, it also means musical instruments. The main musical instrument may be your own self like your voice. You could sing in acapella or create different sounds using your vocal cords if you got the talent to do that.

I used to play banduria. My husband is a very skillful guitar player. How about our son? He loves banging everything like the table, the door, the plates and anything that he could create some sound on. Because of this, I think I should introduce him to drums or maybe, Gongs. Oh, I could imagine the sound of a gong right now. It is very Holy. Maybe because gongs are associated with Buddhism. We usually hear gongs played at temples as bells at churches.

Go to for different kinds of Gongs and even singing bowls. I went to the site and each gong is made in a very artistic way. You know, you could use it for decoration and entertainment. Because of the soothing musical sound that it produces, it could also be a form of relaxation. You know, when you just want to meditate or pray, you could incorporate it with playing the gong.

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