The web host and my friend

I got a warning from my friend to stop visiting other blogs for a while. She said that we might be suspended because of high CPU usage. Err…our blogs, I mean. Yes, that is one of the factors that you have to consider when you are going to apply for a web host. Would they be able to give you that unlimited thing? If you want to visit site about web hosting, then you should read those sites that offer reviews about the top web hosting sites. Honestly, I do not know in what category would the CPU usage is included. The variables are usually the tech support time, disk space, data transfer, money back guarantee, and the price. They also have the hosting review rating. I still could not digest these technicalities except for the price. That is why, I just let my friend manages my blog. It means that she is the one communicating it with the web host provider. So far, everything seems well. She said that we have 99% up time which is very important. She is not having a hard time neither whenever she has to communicate with them. I am thankful to my friend for doing all of those things for me.

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