MRT fare to increase?

We were so excited to ride the MRT ( Metro Rail Transit) during its first months. Imagine a fully air conditioned clean and smelling good train with only a few people inside. You will definitely be seated. Why there were only few patrons before? That was because of the fare. I could still remember that I paid more than 20 Pesos for just one station to another station. That was big compared to taking a bus or a jeepney during that time. Anyways, I just wanted to try MRT then. I never tried again because of the high fare. Then it was subsidized way back in 2007. Imagine paying only 15PhP from point to point. The minimum fare then was even lowered to 9Php. After PNOY’s SONA, I already understood what happened.

There are news now that there will be an increase in the MRT fare. That is bad news for those MRT passengers. On the other hand, it will be good news for bus operators. Moreover, that would also mean waking up or leaving house an hour earlier to give an allowance to traffic if the people could not afford the MRT fare anymore.

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