The longest ride home

I came home drained. I could not breathe. I felt thirsty and dirty and all! Whew, more than two hours of being stuck in the traffic with a very humid/ hot weather, not good! Some of the passengers were not able to take it that they opted to walk. I really hope that no one suffered heart attack or high blood pressure because of that situation. I was even wearing a non-cotton garment. Boy, I was sweating. I did not have my towel nor handkerchief thus I was able to consume that roll of tissue paper. Was there any good side to all of this? Well, the man in front of me was cute. Sure, he was! Tall with mestizo features. Nice nose. Yes, you just have to find something to busy yourself with when you are stuck in a traffic. I must admit, he was not that attractive enough to make me conscious of how I look because I still managed to sleep. Yes, with all the heat, huh! Well, I imagined that it was snowing! 😉 From time to time, I was giving my husband a call for him to know how near I was already. Thank God, I was able to reach home, still in one piece! What caused the traffic? I will write about it next time!

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