Who is lucky?

The rain did not stop from pouring until 2AM, I guess. I was awakened by my son’s coughing at around 130AM and I gave him his medicine and it was still raining. Very bed weather and all of us really had a good sleep.

I hope that it will not rain today as it did yesterday or if it does, then at least, no heavy traffic please. The roads yesterday became sort of a big parking space for all kinds of vehicles stuck there. I had to walk from our office to the MRT station and that was around a fifteen minute walk because it was raining and we had to use the slippery overpass also. I was really wet with the rain splash and my sweat. To think that I was even on stilettos, that was really tiring. The positive side of it was maybe I was able to burn some calories, huh!

I was able to get home before ten PM. I sent a text message to my friend telling her my ordeal to get a ride. Well, I was luckier than her because during that time, they were still stuck in traffic. They were already hungry. Their house is just near the office but their car could not pass through. Some of the streets they passed were flooded too.

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