Be with me and bring me home safe

Time for my commuter’s post.
It is hard to be commuter sometimes. It means sacrifice. Well, that is if you want to be hard on yourself.
I recently had a little fight(?) with one of my friends. I do not know why she is becoming so demanding these days. Blame it on her hormones? I do not know but I think that I am one of the most considerate persons on earth that I do not expect anything from others… except from my husband, of course.

Last Wednesday, my friend who is working at a different workplace from me happened to report at my workplace. We belong to the same company but work at different locations. I used to work at her area before. She works in Quezon Avenue while I work in Makati. It is a sacrifice for me to transfer to Makati but I wanted the job so much that I do not mind the additional fare of around P2K per month and additional travel time of two hours. Actually, it is more comfortable to travel going to Makati because all I need is to ride an air-conditioned shuttle service. 2 rides. One tricycle drive then one shuttle drive. It is very convenient. Going back home should also be the same but that is if I go home on time. The shuttle service is only until 630PM. If I missed that, then it would mean 3-4hours drive depending on the traffic and the route that I will take. It will also very inconvenient too because it would mean standing inside the bus. Catching a bus is also hard. After bus ride, then I have to trouble myself catching a jeep.Non- air conditioned jeep- meaning pollution. Then another jeep with drivers who are reckless, I encountered more than five accidents before. Getting into that jeep takes time also as it is not always available or I have to line up. Sometimes it takes more than thirty minutes. If I were to choose riding an MRT, it would mean, jeep to the MRT station, again- not easy to get. Then lining up to get a ticket then lining up to enter. Then standing inside the MRT station. Then try to catch a jeep again. Two jeep rides then a tricycle drive. See, how hard it would be for me if I will miss the shuttle? Most importantly, I have a family waiting for me. We will have dinner together. What about my friend? She lives nearby or just around the area in Makati. It will just take a cab of ten to 15 minutes for her to get home and be comfortable while I will be traveling and would even endanger my life because it is already night time. Then get a cab? Hey, what about the fare of getting a cab? It would men quadruple of my usual fare. I do not have budget for that. Besides, I am really afraid of riding a cab because I am afraid of holdups! Talking about considerations, huh! Oh, well, she asked me if I could accompany her somewhere after 6PM. I explained to her what I just had mentioned but not explicitly. I just told her that I could not because I could not afford to miss the shuttle. She sort of got mad. Now, I am mad too! Kidding aside, I just do not understand why some people are so inconsiderate and they are still the ones who have the guts to have ill feelings toward others. I wish that she will have a family of her own already so that she would understand. I actually apologized to her. I can really go out with friends but it should be scheduled considering it was work week and the budget and the family waiting for me. I just did not like her reply but I did not react to it anymore except for this blog which I hope that she will not be able to read. If she does, then okay, she will be able to know where I am coming from and hopefully, understands me.

Gimmicks should only be Quezon City area for me. Curfew should be 10-11PM. Actually, it would be heart pounding already whenever I take that tricycle at 1130PM-1200AM. That means lot of prayers already for me to be home safe. I could be with you even up to the holy hours of the morning if you want but be with me also and bring me home safe.

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