New Year’s post

Happy New Year! Here is my first post for this year!

The Holiday season is almost over. In the Roman Catholic calendar, today will be the celebration of the feast of the Three Kings. Anyways, as of me, the eating will stop by January 25 which will be the 50th birthday of my husband. No dieting for me until then…

So, what is new with my commuter’s life? Well, not good because I am always late in the office. I really could not wake up that early to make it to the 9AM shift. I am planning to request for an earlier shift which is actually the real shift indicated in my DTR. It is 830 to 530. Why earlier? Ironic? Well, I guess, I will be more tardy than ever if I request for a later schedule. I just have to leave the house earlier like around 615AM perhaps. Anyways, I am already awake by 5:00 AM. I preferred the bus ride this time. It is more convenient as I will not walk that far than with the shuttle ride. This time that I plan to leave early, I might take the shuttle… I really could not decide yet. Maybe until tomorrow. Hahahaha! Yes, Monday again.

How about MRT ride that they say is the fastest? Oh, no! It is always a riot at MRT station in the morning. Not a good idea. Even going home, I do not like MRT. I ride the shuttle going home. It is quite traffic as it is around 2 to 2 1/2 hours drive. I really have to sleep so that I will not get bored.

For some news, there will be a fare hike. Taxi flag down rate will be P40.

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