Harassed at the MRT station

One thing to describe me as I got out of the Metro train- harassed!

It is a Tuesday morning. As usual, I do not want to be late. I and my officemate has this bet. Well, it is actually my challenge to myself. I owe it to the company for me to come to office on time everyday even though we are given 120 minutes or 5 allowed lates in a month. I always take that benefit though I know that it is not right.

So, I left home at around 7AM. I know that I will not be able to catch the straight trip going to Ayala, Makati. My choice? Take the Ortigas trip then ride the MRT going to Buendia, then finally a bus ride to Ayala.

So, I arrived at the MRT station 8:40 AM. Still early considering that my shift is 9:30 AM. In a usual day, I do not have to wait for a minute or two and the train will already be there. Oh, I have to mention that I was not able to catch that train that I supposed to ride because I had to walk to the area where only women, elderly, pregnant and disabled are allowed. If I had taken that trip, though it would mean standing back to back and front to back with men, maybe, I did not experience that harassment.

So, what kind of harassment did I encounter? Well, the next train did not arrive until after ten or fifteen minutes. It meant that more people were waiting already and were all afraid to be late. when the trained stop, everybody was pushing from the back to be able to get inside the train. To think, that there were also passengers that had to get out first, the people who continues to push did not care at all. One woman almost fell. The result, since there was a fifteen minutes delay, I was not able to ride that train.

It was already 9AM. Oh, no! I could not be late. I was already the first person “in line” for the next train. I anticipated that the same pushing a while ago would happen. It did! That’s when I shouted. “DO NOT PUSH AT THE BACK!” Well, good thing they listened. Finally, I was able to ride the train, body to body, face to face with other passengers.

So, lesson learned? I do not know… MRT should not be delayed?

:) Hahahaha! I know, as I have been writing over and over again, I must leave the house earlier. 😉

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