Personalized card from me and my son

It will be the Christening of the niece of one of my closest friends! Oh, if you would see the invitation, you would definitely fall in love with it. Actually, they purchased blank invitation card stock invitations and they added personal touch into it. Their baby is so cute and you would not like to let go of her the moment that you hold her. I love that kid! I want now to have my own baby! Young kids aged one to three are really adorable, aren’t they? Yes, I am excited about having preparations also like parties and invitation cards!

Right now, I have a baby boy who just turned eight! I am actually planning to have a grand party for him when he turns nine. I am starting the preparation right now and of course, one of the elements that I need to look into is an attractive invitation! Creating my own with the use of blank card invitations might just be the answer! I can personalize it with colors as I can choose from a variety of shades available! Oh, I am really excited this early, huh! Well, my son deserves it being our only one! I am sure that he could help with the invitations too like he could draw in the blank cards or something. It will even be a bonding time for us creating and making those cards! Lovely!

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