Four days of rest and fun and work and sickness

So, last day of vacation for me and tomorrow, back to work again! How’s my resting so far? Not really good! Well, Saturday, we went to the mall. My husband was looking for a Rock Band 3 tape for Wii. We did not find one. We did some shopping though. We were able to go home at around 10PM already.

Sunday, I was able to have some rest. I slept for around two to three hours in the afternoon, I guess. But, the disturbing cough never really left me.

Monday, Chinese New Year! I was able to rest a little. In the afternoon, I and husband went out again. We went to a nearby mall–Montalban Town Center. Good thing we were able to find some good and affordable floor tiles for the kitchen. We will go back there by second week of February.

Today is Tuesday, I am on VL. I do not really expect myself to have some rest as son will go back to school. Hubby is not around as he will renew his driver license.

Anyways, I have to keep going, I guess. Cough is still here. Colds is here too.

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2 Responses to Four days of rest and fun and work and sickness

  1. Sasha says:

    I hope you are feeling better now, sis. Rest whenever you can para laging 100%.

    Take care!


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