Mom and child talk: Why are you early?

Mom and child talk: Why are you early? Oh, I noticed that I have not been posting my Mom and Child Talk portion for this blog. Well, no, there is no other blog to tackle that. It is just that, we have spent more talking that made me not to be able to write all here. 😉

Anyways, last night, my son asked me why I have been going home early these past two days. That quite made me laugh and touched too as he is taking note of the time I usually arrive home. My son is pretty sensitive, don’t you think? Well, I was on training and we were dismissed earlier than usual the past two days. He accepted my explanation.

So, why did I go home earlier for the past two days? Thanks to MRT? Yes, I rode the MRT and I realized that it can be comfortable to ride the MRT between 430PM to 5PM. Well, yeah, a few minutes before the rush hour.

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