Proud and industrious Mom

Well, since it would be Mother’s Day this Sunday, let me dedicate this post to a Mom. I encountered Rizalyn Tugano yesterday. As I sat down beside her and paid to the driver advising the driver where I would be alighting, she initiated the conversation;

Ang layo. (So far)
Akala ko ako na ang pinakamalayo.(I thought, I live the farthest)
Ang hirap kumita ng pera, ano?(It is really hard to earn money, right?)

Saan ka ba?( Where do you live?)
Fairlane lang(Fairlane)
Saan ka ba galing?(Where did you come from?)
Makati pa ako.(Makati)

I noticed that she was wearing scrubs…

Nurse ka ba?(Are you a nurse?)
Hindi, midwife(No, midwife)
Sa Makati Med ka ba nagtratrabaho? (Ah, do you work in Makati Med?)
No, sa Makati rin pero private.( No, I work in a private home.)

Actually, our conversation lasted for more than one hour. The trip was really that long.
During the conversation, she was able to tell me that she has two sons who are both in College already.
The eldest graduated Valedictorian and was a consistent top 1 from elementary to highschool. He is now studying in PUP and a government scholar.
The youngest is a freshman BS Biology student in New Era University.
According to her, she earns P550/day 7AM to 7PM shift taking care of a stroke patient, male, 60y/o and seems having Alzheimer’s already.
Her husband works in Makati also.(I did not ask where anymore).
She wakes up 4AM Mon-Saturday and does laundry during Sunday.

I salute her for being able to raise two studious kids who according to her are very good kids and really love her.

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