My son as the scriptwriter

My husband told my son to show me the script that our child made.
I was surprised and at the same time proud of my son.
I know, I have someone already who would inherit my blogs.

Well, not that perfect but his script makes sense. The assignment is to act something about science or health.
Here is it!

dexter sanchez’s script for science acting

mom and dad says: son don’t read in the dark.
Child says:why? I wanna read.
Mom and dad says:if you read it in the dark your eyes will get hurt and you will wear glasses.
Child says:your joking so i will keep reading.
Child sleeps on floor.
Child wakes up then says uh what is going on? I can’t see a thing.
Parents say:see? I told you to not read in the dark.
Child says:iam sorry i will not do it again.
Parents say:well lets get to the doctor for your glasses.
Doctor says here are your new glasses take care.

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