Give me more info

Yes, it always pay to have more info about anything, right? Well, especially when it comes to car.

What do you look for in a car? What is your dream car? As of me, at first, I think of the color. Maybe I want red. Brilliant red! Something that is really bright that in the traffic, you could see that it is my car! Funny, right? Then, how many seats? Two seater? Four Seaters? How many doors? Should it have a compartment where you could put all your shopping bags? How about the interior design? Should I have stereo installed? How about small TV? Rags? Cushions? Mirrors? Tinted or not? Oh, you might think that I would be having my car personalized, huh?

When I think of car, really, as I am singing the song, baby, you can drive my car… I am thinking of driving a Honda Car! Yes, that is my brand of choice. It is a prestigious car and has been voted as the number one car, right? Another important concern of mine is it is also a dignified car here in our country. Well, it is not being used as a cab. Hondas here are for private use only. 😉 Well, I do not know but yes, it somewhat matter to me.

What is good about Honda is that, there are really many options. They always come up with new designs for almost all kinds of consumers. There are also so many colors available. I have not checked my preferred red, though. 😉 Kidding aside, I really love Honda cars because of the assured comfort and safety whenever you are inside their car. I am sure that all Honda users could attest to that. I have tried riding other cars but only Honda met my expectations so far. Well, maybe because that is what I want… or have used to ride. My boss has six cars, all Honda. Maybe I got the influence from hi. Well, according to him, it is a trusted brand. If not, why would he buy six, right? Maybe he got a big discount. :) Well, he bought all of those cars, cash.

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