Welcome back to school gift

It is school time once again. This weekend, we shall be buying my son’s school supplies like notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, watercolor, folders, and the like. We will also look for boys’ uniforms. We want something that is durable enough to last him a year or even two just like what he used for his grade 2 and used it again for his grade 3. Yes, he is going grade 4 already! I wonder what will be his challenges this year. He excels in Science, Math and English. Science is his first love though. In relation to that, I hope to see some
Microscopes for Sale. Yes, a microscope might just be the welcome back to school present that I can give him. Well, I want him to be inspired going back to school. He will be giving up a lot of playing time again and I know that somehow he might not just like that. Well, my kid is a good boy. He follows the rules. However, I still want him to stay happy and enjoy his life as a student. Education should be fun at the same time that it is learning. Do you agree? :)

My son got his books already. According to him, it looks easy! 😉 I am happy that it was his impression reading the 8 books that he has right now. It is important that he is encouraged, right?

Why give him a gift? When will I give it? As long as I see something that is interesting, durable and affordable enough, I will buy it this weekend also.

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