The Traffic Regime

Well, I really do not know what title to give for this post. I am thinking of heavy traffic and the Aquino administration thus I put the Traffic Regime in the title. I actually got it from one of Binay’s daughters, I forgot her name..she was asked what can she say about the PNOY administration and her answer was–trapik!

I live in San Mateo Rizal and works in Makati. My travel time is 2 hours the most but lately, I still arrive the office late. Yes, the traffic worsens each day, I do not know why. Anyways, lately they asked the Highway Patrol Group to take charge of the traffic in Edsa and there was an improvement, I can say as I wrote in one of my posts here. The problem now is the traffic inside the streets before we can reach EDSA.

Then, I realized if I did not want to be caught in traffic, I might as well leav the house at 5 AM and have the 8AM shift. Still, that is 3 hours of going to work only. Okay, let us make it 530AM.;)

The thing is… I think we should not blame the government for our own doing. Let us all wake up early and avoid the stress of traffic.

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