Working while Commuting

Working while commuting. Working while on the road. Working in the car. Working in the shuttle. Planning while sleeping in the car. Yes, I thought of five titles before settling to the working while commuting title.

Actually, it is sort of being able to think lots of ideas while commuting or while I am on the road. That is why I planned to bring a notebook before and write. I was able to do that for sometime but then I settles storing all of it inside my mind. What is my excuse? Well, I feel dizzy and nauseatic when reading or writing while the vehicle is moving. Then, I also use the commute team for additional hours of sleep.

Anyways, I know that I should really make use of those two precious hours or more for productivity. PRODUCE!!! I learned that sleeping is also okay since it means I will be able to regain energy and be able to be productive again afterward.

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