Traffic in Metro Manila

It is almost 7AM and I have not left home yet. Well, am I willing to pay another P100 as late fee? That is just a deal between my Boss and me. It is just for fun, of course! I have a very good Boss. I really do not want to come to office late. It is not good. My mind is starting to get tired by 6PM thus I should make it to the office by 9AM or even 930AM.

What’s up with Metro Traffic? Well, it gets worse everyday! I really just pray all the time that I can make it to the latest 1030AM. Well, I should not push my luck if I leave house 7AM, right? So, I better get going!

To all commuters, do not lose hope. ..or let us all wake up 5AM and leave house 6AM.

Take care, everyone and TGIF!!!!

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