content war

Content, content, content. Yes, there is a content war, nowadays! Everybody has to keep up. Each one has to keep up.

I have been observing my fellow commuters in a discreet manner, of course!!! 😉 Well, one or two access games–be it a girl or a boy. Clash of Clans is still there-congrats! During the Pokemon Go craze, ALL were playing the VR game. One or two watches videos–that includes me. Then, majority are in FB and instagram. The one beside me was accessing an online shopping site as well. Anyone still texting? I think–no one!

Well, I am writing about this Content War as I am now working under Product Development which involves CONTENT!!! I am not in the Conceptualization per se but I am under the development team. We get the requirements then we develop the systems. I am not the direct content provider.

The HEAD of the department is correct in saying that SMS is dead.

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