Nationwide transport strike today

Nationwide transport strike today! I have a migraine too–err had a migraine! I am fine now as I can write this post.

As of the strike, I hope the commuters like me will not suffer as much given that there are many ways now to reach the office or your destination. There are P2P buses, UBER, GRAB and the UV EXPRESS. I just do not know if they joined the strike. Well, the strike mainly is to oppose the phasing out of old jeepneys. Those that are 15 years old and above need to be replaced already by new ones. There is a plan to modernize the roads.

My take on this? First, I am all for safety. However, I really cannot put myself in the place of the jeepney owners. Most of them maybe cannot afford to buy modern vehicles as of this time. I know also for a fact that some of the owners are new owners of those jeepneys. Usually, the original owners sell their old vehicles for new ones.

I hope that everything will work out right for the sake of everyone.


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