And I tried the MRT Again but Never Again

And I tried the MRT again!

Well, as I am already in an early shift, I have ample time in the afternoon to early evening.

I opt to go home early, of course. That is why, I go straight to the shuttle station to catch the first trip or if not, the second one so that I will be home by 8PM, as I expect…but it is not the case, of course , because of the traffic in the Metro!  I realized that a two hour commute is something to be thankful for during the rush hour. Anyways, for the first three days, I experienced more than two hours of uncomfortable van ride.  So, I decided to try the MRT on the fourth day.

So, there was the usual long lines. I was able to ride the first train that passed because most people were in groups thus they cannot squeezed their selves in the already cramped coach. There was a space for only one person so I was able to get through. At first, the ride was okay but the hardship came in every stop when passengers were about to alight and enter. I did not have to move from my place to be able to be in another place in the coach as all the people were already pushing one another and yes, I was pushed forward, sideward, backward and in all directions during the more than five stops I think before I reached my station. Yes, I was also pushed out of the coach as many passengers were also to alight at the same station–considering that it is the second to the last station, still there were so many passengers left.

The only good thing about this was I was able to reach home by 730PM.

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