Savings in Gasoline and Earlier Dinner Time

Sleepy me.

Have I mentioned that I am already in a morning shift? As in, very early for me.

I usually arrive before 730AM in the office.

Well, it has been three weeks! Imagine that!

So, how’s my Commuter’s Life?

Well, I think we are saving on gasoline. I ride the van at the nearby shuttle station. It takes only less than 10 minutes via a motorcycle  ride and I can ride the van already.

I sort of save time also because the travel time is sort of lessened by one hour to two hours.

More importantly, we can have dinner at an earlier time as I am home by 830 PM.

Anyways, to compare from my previous schedule:

730 AM- 1030 PM= 15 hours

530 AM-830 PM= 15 hours

Come to think of it, same number of hours spent to and from the office to house.

In conclusion, the benefits of having an early shift are:

  1. Savings on gasoline
  2. Earlier Dinner Time
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