P2PBus is my new choice

P2PBus is my new choice–yes in terms of commuting, P2PBus is a great choice.

Last Wednesday, I tried the Ayala-Robinson’s Galleria route and it only took less than an hour. We arrived before 9PM. We took the 8:15 PM schedule.

From Galleria, I took the UVService going to Marikina. The ride was only 45 minutes and I was in Concepcion, Marikina already.

From Marikina, I took another UV going to San Mateo. It was another 20-30 minutes ride.

I finally got home before 10:30 PM. That was only less than 2.5 hours of travel. I saved more than an hour.

There might be more hops but it is even good for the health because prolong sitting might cause body aches and even the dreaded hemorrhoids.

Tomorrow, I will try that route again. Let us see.

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