UBER and GRAB Fares are not realistic

UBER and GRAB Fares are not realistic at all!

I am a commuter and yes, I am a victim of the Metro traffic.

Yes, I must wake up early and leave home early not to catch the traffic and save on my daily fare.

UBER and GRAB posed a promise to address transportation need. They brag of good service, better cars and more polite drivers. I could not agree more. The only downside of these transpo services is the FARE!!! Surges!!! Yesterday, it was only around 7AM and I was in Marikina City.  I need to go to Makati, where I work. It says in the APP that Marikina and Makati means 12KM of travel. The fare??? P599 for UBER and P785 for GRAB. We tried booking GRAB but no driver accepted our booking. Why, oh, why? Are they like taxis already choosing passengers? No, I will not accept your booking because it is traffic going to Makati… what kind of service is that? We did not try UBER because it is very expensive already. UV Fare is only P55 but we need to wait for the UV to arrive–still stuck in traffic.

How did we reach the office yesterday? My companion hailed a cab–the traditional cab and contracted the ride for P600 bucks! If I were alone, that will really cause a chunk in my wallet. We were four so our fare was just sort of tripled from P55–it became P150.


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