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in my heart

I consider my Husband as my musicfriendimusicfriend. Our memories of him playing the guitar while I sang to it were one of the best ones. There was a time in our country when there were scheduled power interruptions at night. … Continue reading

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Not the friendliest person on earth after all

I got this one from SweetKooki. I think I am the nicest person in town. I always wear that petrified smile. That is why, the result of this quiz surprised me! Ha,ha,ha! Well, at least I learned something new about … Continue reading

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The forgetful, obsessive compulsive and paranoid me

My husband and son dropped me at the public market as usual where I would be getting a jeepney ride. Oh, yes, it is a Sunday with office work! Anyways, I decided to drop by the store which sells rice … Continue reading

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