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Christmas rush

We went out yesterday and it was really hard to get any form of public transportation. Name it! From jeepney to bus to fx to cab, very scarce! Finally, there was a taxi who let us in but in one … Continue reading

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Use two browsers

When you are maintaining more than one blog, besides content overlap, another thing that is becoming hard to maintain is blog traffic. It just so happened that if you are blogging for money, traffic is very important if not the … Continue reading

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Sleeping while commuting

I slept the whole time while riding on the jeepney on my way home last night. It rained cats and dogs again and that meant traffic. My usual travel time of 30-45 minutes was extended to one hour and thirty … Continue reading

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Commuter’s dislike #2- State of The Nation Address

I just opened the television before 5pm and there it was, almost the closing statements of GMA, president of my beloved Philippines. Funny but during that, the heavy rains predicted by PAG-ASA fell down? An applause? Really, I am not … Continue reading

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