For the artistic young fellow

First day of summer vacation! My son just woke up and what to do? I tried to encourage him to join clubs this Summer be it music club or sports club or anything that will keep him busy. The challenge is my son is quite an introvert. Maybe it is high time for me to buy the casio keyboard at Having another equipment than the computer will be good for him, I guess. Anyways, my son is quite an artistic fellow. He loves to create animation, draw his stuff–though like abstract and all, and yes, he likes to play the piano also.

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Savings in Gasoline and Earlier Dinner Time

Sleepy me.

Have I mentioned that I am already in a morning shift? As in, very early for me.

I usually arrive before 730AM in the office.

Well, it has been three weeks! Imagine that!

So, how’s my Commuter’s Life?

Well, I think we are saving on gasoline. I ride the van at the nearby shuttle station. It takes only less than 10 minutes via a motorcycle  ride and I can ride the van already.

I sort of save time also because the travel time is sort of lessened by one hour to two hours.

More importantly, we can have dinner at an earlier time as I am home by 830 PM.

Anyways, to compare from my previous schedule:

730 AM- 1030 PM= 15 hours

530 AM-830 PM= 15 hours

Come to think of it, same number of hours spent to and from the office to house.

In conclusion, the benefits of having an early shift are:

  1. Savings on gasoline
  2. Earlier Dinner Time
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Eight Pesos Minimum Fare

Minimum fare is back to Eight Pesos! One driver was asked if it will be a great help to him or at least add to his daily earnings but according to him, it will just compensate to the increase in traffic these days.

For Commuters like me, how does it affect me? Well, if I commute everyday, that would mean  at least P365 additional expense, right? I pray to have a bigger salary increase because of this unexpected additional expense that I have not really included in my Budget. Come to think of it, I should include all increases in my Budget.

Anyways, my heart goes to the drivers and to the commuters. Both have rights and both have reasons opposing each other.


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Nationwide transport strike today

Nationwide transport strike today! I have a migraine too–err had a migraine! I am fine now as I can write this post.

As of the strike, I hope the commuters like me will not suffer as much given that there are many ways now to reach the office or your destination. There are P2P buses, UBER, GRAB and the UV EXPRESS. I just do not know if they joined the strike. Well, the strike mainly is to oppose the phasing out of old jeepneys. Those that are 15 years old and above need to be replaced already by new ones. There is a plan to modernize the roads.

My take on this? First, I am all for safety. However, I really cannot put myself in the place of the jeepney owners. Most of them maybe cannot afford to buy modern vehicles as of this time. I know also for a fact that some of the owners are new owners of those jeepneys. Usually, the original owners sell their old vehicles for new ones.

I hope that everything will work out right for the sake of everyone.


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We only live once

We have been saving a lot of money these days. Well, for us, it is a lot already though for some it is just a small amount. What are we doing to be able to save? Well, we try to focus on the future. However, sometimes, we want to splurge on some things like a paul stanley guitar! As of me, I really want to purchase it because the old guitar of my husband really needs replacement. What will make him happy, that is very important to me also, rather than any amount of extra savings, I guess. After all, YOLO, as they say or WOLO, we only live once.

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Our son spends a lot of time in the Computer. Well, yes, he is almost always there! I wonder what sites he go to. Yes, I do check it from time to time. Anyways, like Father, like Son. I saw that he was in Hmmm, I wonder what he could be eyeing? Is it for himself or for his Dad? The Valentines Day is very near and we got a very sweet son. Maybe he is trying to find a gift for his Dad. Oh, another ukelele, maybe? Or, maybe some accessories for his guitar? Or, maybe some hardcore musician’s stuff?

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The motorcycle is acting up

Yes, our motorcycle is acting up and it really ruins our mornings. Well, maybe it lacks regular check up. Who will I blame? Anyways, I learned that you need to always let go of the past- but learn from it, then Move On.

Do I need to buy a new motorcycle? It is just three years old. Our previous one was five years old before we finally gave it away.

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Tasks Done For Today

Yey! Tasks are done for today. I was able to finish some posts and this blog is alive! I hope that blogging will be back to its glory–well, why not, right? I guess, I just need to re-hash something here in my blog. I need to get my writing skills back, I guess. I know, I need to practice more to be able to write good content again.

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Thank you to technology

I need to look for pedaltrain as this is the latest request of someone that I cannot say NO to. Well, who is it? My husband, of course. He said that this thing is very important to him. I told him that maybe he can search for it online so that it will be easier for us to purchase it rather than looking for the item in the malls. Thank you, technology!

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Mid Day Shift

I gave up on the Metro Traffic. I have been stressing since May 2016 but last month, I have decided to just go with the flow. Thank you to my Boss who allows me to have an 11-8 shift. I still force myself to wake up earlier than usual –like 4AM in the morning whenever I have 8-9AM meetings. Well, what can I do right? If I want to reach the office and attend an important meeting, I really need to still suck the traffic in.

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