Welcome Back to EDSA

Welcome Back to EDSA! I would like to have banners like that for all the SUVs that were allowed again to traverse EDSA! Yes, today, the van that I was riding was allowed to pass EDSA! I arrived at the office early! Most of all, no need to line up on two bridges and no three to four hours stress! I was really happy! I hope that it would be a permanent thing. I will find out later!

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Singer goals

I am so stressed today that I need a vocal microphone to blurt it out! Well, there are two things that can make me feel better: eat and sing! I really want to belt Whitney Houston songs right now and wake all the neighbors up! Well, I know that it will be very bad. Kidding aside, I really feel good when I sing. It is a real stress reliever better than paracetamol! Well, yeah, those who would hear me might need those tablets or maybe some cotton for their ears? Kidding aside again, a good microphone shall do the trick, I guess. Do you also sometimes think that you sound good in a mic? How much more if you could really grab one of those better microphones in the market. Singer goals!!!!

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No more hope for the traffic in Metro Manila

No more hope for Metro Traffic! Each day is always a challenge.half of my daily life is spent on commute from home to office and vice versa. It is taking a toll on me these days. I feel so tired each day. Right now, I am writing this post to somehow make me feel better. I lost my appetite for dinner because I still feel dizzy from the very long three hours drive from office to home. What to do, what to do?

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Pay for Two

Yes, I paid for two seats again today! Well, I was tired already and I wanted to have a comfortable two hour sleep in the van. Yes, that was my commute time going home from De la Rosa Carpark, Makati to San Mateo, Rizal. True enough, I was able to regain some energy as I arrived home from the office. Those power naps are really powerful, huh! It might be expensive but we really need to pay for comfort, sometimes.

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Touch and test

Definitely, I know somebody who will be a frequent visitor of this: musicians friend chat. That is when he starts shopping on that site..err …should I say even doing window shopping online first if there is such a thing. I think these chat rooms are very helpful especially that when you buy online, you cannot really touch and test the product that you like to buy, right? Well, I think, Musician Friend is great in customer service having all kinds of media to deliver it.

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No solution for traffic until six years

I have given up on traffic. Well, the road is too narrow for all the vehicles that need to pass through. So, do not blame the government, right? Anybody even he has no garage or parking slot for his car, he buys one car. I do want one too…but I need to think for the greater good. ;)… i do not have a garage…

According to the incoming government, traffic cannot be solved within six years…

Let us not blame the government for traffix, folks. Let us look within ourselves…

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Music and writing

I woke up middle of the night and grabbed my sennheiser hd 380. What time is ti? Well, around ten pm. I guess, I cannot go back to sleep any minute. Thanks to the stereo high definition sound in my ears that soothes me right now as I write this post. Yes, that is me, music and writing makes me alive.

In an hour or two maybe I can get my eye shut…

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No work when in vacation

Time check: 525 AM! I better get going if I want to make it to an early schedule. Well, I have tons of things to do. I did not really work this vacation even though I brought my office laptop. Well, my Boss told me not to work too. According to her, it is a matter of time management. So I better get going and goodbye for now! I hope to be able to write more posts again about my Commuter’s Life or should I say Sleeping while Commuting Life. :)

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Taco for him and for me

I saw pink taco on my screen and all I could think about was those delicious tacos that we ate at a bridal shower party of one of our officemates. You know, there were actually different colors and pink was one of them. I could hear inside my mind the sound of every bite and I can still imagine and taste the sumptuous sauce made of beef, garlic, chili and tomatoes! Now, I am hungry!

Too much about food! Pink Taco is actually for my husband as it is a guitar amplifier cabinet! Yes, it is a very pretty piece of art for me. I agreed for us to have one since it does not only protect the amplifier but also make it sound better.

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Traffic in Metro Manila

It is almost 7AM and I have not left home yet. Well, am I willing to pay another P100 as late fee? That is just a deal between my Boss and me. It is just for fun, of course! I have a very good Boss. I really do not want to come to office late. It is not good. My mind is starting to get tired by 6PM thus I should make it to the office by 9AM or even 930AM.

What’s up with Metro Traffic? Well, it gets worse everyday! I really just pray all the time that I can make it to the latest 1030AM. Well, I should not push my luck if I leave house 7AM, right? So, I better get going!

To all commuters, do not lose hope. ..or let us all wake up 5AM and leave house 6AM.

Take care, everyone and TGIF!!!!

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