in my heart

I consider my Husband as my musicfriendimusicfriend. Our memories of him playing the guitar while I sang to it were one of the best ones. There was a time in our country when there were scheduled power interruptions at night. We did not have generators to run our appliances thus for entertainment and for fresh air our choices were to go to cinemas or just lounge around our veranda and sing some songs. Those times were really best times I forever treasure in my heart.

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content war

Content, content, content. Yes, there is a content war, nowadays! Everybody has to keep up. Each one has to keep up.

I have been observing my fellow commuters in a discreet manner, of course!!! 😉 Well, one or two access games–be it a girl or a boy. Clash of Clans is still there-congrats! During the Pokemon Go craze, ALL were playing the VR game. One or two watches videos–that includes me. Then, majority are in FB and instagram. The one beside me was accessing an online shopping site as well. Anyone still texting? I think–no one!

Well, I am writing about this Content War as I am now working under Product Development which involves CONTENT!!! I am not in the Conceptualization per se but I am under the development team. We get the requirements then we develop the systems. I am not the direct content provider.

The HEAD of the department is correct in saying that SMS is dead.

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My Smart Data

I recently discovered a plan that is very affordable–that is GIGA299! I am a prepaid subscriber and I love iFlix and Youtube for my Korea novelas. It is one of Smart’s Giga Surf Offers. It has 2GB Shareable data* + 1.1GB for YouTube, iflix, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Dubsmash! It can last for 30 days. This is very useful for me especially that I spend more than 3 hours in traffic everyday! This affordable package makes my commuter’s life entertaining. Thank you, Smart!

See the offers, here!

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C-5 now tolerable

C-5 is now tolerable based on the past two weeks or so. I reach the office in time for 1030H schedule. Well, a thirty minute improvement is not bad, right? Less stress for me as well. I usually leave house 8AM and that means enough sleep, enough time with my family. Why spend time commuting, right?

Anyways, of course traffic can still be improved. I hope, SOON!

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Traffic improvement in EDSA

The traffic in Metro Manila is worsening everyday. Well, as for the SUVs and for commuters like me who can only afford to ride SUVs. My post last time–Welcome Back to EDSA? That’s it. One day only.

I was able to observe traffic by riding a cab from Megamall to Ayala using the EDSA route and you know what? It only takes 30 minutes! So, that is where the improvement is? Buses and private vehicles and UBER and GRAB riders benefit from it?

Again, how about us–SUV riders?

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Ask My Second Cousin

Who to ask for woodwind and brasswind store locations? Ask my second cousin! Well, he is a musician. I think he is an arranger of sort as he hold concerts already but he also plays different kinds of musical instruments! I mean all: string, non-string (drums?), piano and so many others. He is also a conductor of an orchestra. He is really talented. He can sing too!

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Welcome Back to EDSA

Welcome Back to EDSA! I would like to have banners like that for all the SUVs that were allowed again to traverse EDSA! Yes, today, the van that I was riding was allowed to pass EDSA! I arrived at the office early! Most of all, no need to line up on two bridges and no three to four hours stress! I was really happy! I hope that it would be a permanent thing. I will find out later!

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Singer goals

I am so stressed today that I need a vocal microphone to blurt it out! Well, there are two things that can make me feel better: eat and sing! I really want to belt Whitney Houston songs right now and wake all the neighbors up! Well, I know that it will be very bad. Kidding aside, I really feel good when I sing. It is a real stress reliever better than paracetamol! Well, yeah, those who would hear me might need those tablets or maybe some cotton for their ears? Kidding aside again, a good microphone shall do the trick, I guess. Do you also sometimes think that you sound good in a mic? How much more if you could really grab one of those better microphones in the market. Singer goals!!!!

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No more hope for the traffic in Metro Manila

No more hope for Metro Traffic! Each day is always a challenge.half of my daily life is spent on commute from home to office and vice versa. It is taking a toll on me these days. I feel so tired each day. Right now, I am writing this post to somehow make me feel better. I lost my appetite for dinner because I still feel dizzy from the very long three hours drive from office to home. What to do, what to do?

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Pay for Two

Yes, I paid for two seats again today! Well, I was tired already and I wanted to have a comfortable two hour sleep in the van. Yes, that was my commute time going home from De la Rosa Carpark, Makati to San Mateo, Rizal. True enough, I was able to regain some energy as I arrived home from the office. Those power naps are really powerful, huh! It might be expensive but we really need to pay for comfort, sometimes.

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