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Good news, great news!

I received a message via LYN and it came from one of the managers in the company that I am working for. She is a manager of the department where I want to transfer. I was really happy to receive … Continue reading

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An addition to my expertise

This massage therapy program online caught my interest as I went to the computer table and browse the net. Well, you know, I would really like to have a massage, soon! It is much needed already. I actually want to … Continue reading

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He is an artist

The best marching bass drum at WWBW is playing inside my mind! My cousin nephew will surely love this sound. Oh, congrats to him as he graduated from College Music already. As his Mom posted, see you in the movies! … Continue reading

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All good things to those who wait. A famous line that I learned from a Disney movie. True, it may seem but then again, there is always a time that you will feel that the waiting is never ending and … Continue reading

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The overrated underrated

I consider myself as overrated underrated. Why the two totally opposing adjectives? They say that I am good if not one of the bests. However, my position in the office says otherwise. Yes, I am still a staff. A Senior … Continue reading

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Positive attitude

Sometimes, I am thinking, have I read all the signs? Was I able to follow the right path and made the right decisions? Did I let any opportunity passed? They say that opportunity knocks only once but I think that … Continue reading

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Twelve years

I would like to try another path, meaning quitting the job that feeds my family for eight years now! It would be a very big decision on my part. However, my husband does not agree with that. Yes, he wants … Continue reading

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First office week

It has been a great office week! Busy, buzzzzzy like a bee! Yes, meetings left and right and I really enjoyed being busy! No boredom at all! Now, my problem is how to juggle everything! Maybe, next week will be … Continue reading

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A good source of income

In our office, every girl seems into make up and all of them also wants to go to a Cosmetology school. They are inspired by celebrities who turned to the beauty industry. In a closer encounter, we have a former … Continue reading

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Decide right

I imagined myself before to wear medical scrubs. I did actually as I studied Physical Therapy. Somehow, I experienced wearing medical scrubs during my internship. Though, Physical Therapists just wear the white blazer like doctors. It is school time once … Continue reading

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