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Birthday requests

Money is in the bank! Excited to buy the new desktop computer with Samsung LED monitor. This will be our gift for our son’s seventh birthday. Yes, no big party. His Dad was able to explain to him the value … Continue reading

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She has lots of money

I just had a big dinner of green leaves, tomatoes, eggs, potatoes, carrots and tuna! Thank you, husband for preparing it. Until now, I am trying to finish off some of the carrot pieces. Yummy! Anyways, that was a good … Continue reading

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Son got an A-

Son got an A-! I am so proud of him. He got an average of 91% with 85 as his lowest grade. He is particulary good in Math and English where he got 93 and 94 respectively. I really hope … Continue reading

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No more wet socks

I think we should buy or son a pair of rain boots. It has been raining heavily these days and I do not want his feet be soaked in water. Sometimes, when he came from school, his socks are all … Continue reading

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Biggest ideas from my son

I already expected that my child will be demanding ever since he learned to speak. Every time I come home from the office, he would ask what I brought him. These days, he knows already how to ask for anything … Continue reading

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He is our only son

We went to the dentist today. Not for my teeth but for my son. We went to my dentist way back when I was still a child. Thank God that he is still alive! Well, that was not that long … Continue reading

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My angel

My son is turning six this Friday! I am so excited. I am preparing lots of activities for him. I so love to celebrate each milestone in his life. Would you believe that this early, I am already thinking of … Continue reading

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Before we leave the house, I made sure that all the textbooks of my son are inside his bag. Those were scattered at different places in the house. I am glad that those were safe because that would mean I … Continue reading

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